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Get Ready for the BCS National Championship Game!

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012


We’ve already made it to the end of another college football season. It seems like just a couple of weeks ago we were excited for the season to start, and now we’re down to the final two. On January 7, 2013, The National Champion will be decided when The Alabama Crimson Tide takes on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. With a full month to prepare, there’s no excuse for not having your party perfectly decorated and all the accessories you need to wear to the game. Whether you bleed crimson or green, we’ve got what you need.


For the Alabama fans, this may be their third trip to the National title game in the last fours years, but it’s no less special than any other. If you’re going to the game in Miami, you’ll need to be decked out so that the stadium will be covered in crimson. A bag or case of red and silver beads is great for handing out to a crowd, and a bead that says “Roll Tide” is essential. Or, add some black and white to your outfit. You can never go wrong with a houndstooth fedora, and grab a houndstooth hugger to hold your favorite beverage.  If you can’t make it to Miami, make sure your viewing party is decorated accordingly, even if you’re only watching with a couple of people. Garland and fringe add lots of color to doors, windows, and tables. Grab a bag of elephants to scatter around the room, and hand out Alabama MoonPies as a sweet treat. And just so the whole neighborhood knows which side you’re on, hang a flag from your porch or a wreath from your door.


For the Irish fans, it’s going to take a lot of green to balance out all that crimson in Miami. Green football shaped beads are a great place to start, and a couple of leprechauns are even better. A green bowler hat is an iconic symbol of the Irish, but if it happens to be cold, try a green shamrock beanie. If you’re not into face painting, or if you just don’t have time, peel and stick a glittery shamrock tattoo. Stuck at home? Don’t let that stop you from covering everything in green. Scatter some shamrock doubloons or leprechaun confetti on your table, and drape some garland along the walls. Wrap some green fringe around the table and fasten on your lucky green shamrock pin. A cascading leprechaun mobile will add a festive touch, and green plates and napkins to serve your snacks on are a must-have. And some lucky shamrock window clings and a strand of green lights are perfect for decorating outdoors.


Whichever team you’re rooting for, check out our Pinterest page for ideas on decorating, food, and everything you need to host the perfect football party.



New Orleans Saints Decorative Wreath

Friday, August 24th, 2012




If you don’t have your decorations ready for football season yet, you’re cutting it close, but you still have time to throw together a striking wreath to support your favorite team.  This week, we decided to make one for the Saints fans.



You’ll need:

A straw wreath

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Floral pins

Garland (we used 2 9″ garlands for a large wreath)

Ribbon for a bow

Various beads/decorations





First, wrap the garland around the wreath. This is very simple. Secure one end of the garland with a floral pin, and wrap it all the way around until half the wreath is covered. Another floral pin should be all you need to secure the other end. Repeat with the second garland, making sure the whole wreath is evenly covered.






For one of the focal points of our wreath, we chose a light-up gold “Who Dat” fleur de lis. This adds a unique twist to your wreath, since you can turn on the light on game day, and the batteries are replaceable when they get low. To make it easy to remove, we hot glued a floral pick to the back of the ornament. When you’re ready to change the batteries, you  can simply pull the ornament off the wreath, then stick it back in when you’re finished.



When you’ve decided on the placement of your decorations, secure them using the same method–hot glue a floral pick to the back, and pop it on your wreath. We also added a large gold bow and some black and gold onion grass. If you’re not practiced at making your own bows, and you’re in the Mobile area, you can join us for a hands-on wreath making workshop, where our talented wreath makers will show you all you need to know.  And if you’re not a fan of the Saints, change the colors and decorations to make one for your favorite team!





















Where are you watching the game?

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012



So, you want to watch football. You couldn’t make it to an out of town game, and there’s a bridal shower or something going on in your house, so you have to find a place to get your football fix. There are lots of places here in the Mobile area where you can happily watch all four quarters with a steady supply of food and beer.



South Alabama Jaguars Logo

First, if you haven’t had a chance to check out Mobile’s relatively new football team, the University of South Alabama Jaguars, there’s no time like the present. Their first game of this season is scheduled for August 30, against Texas-San Antonio. This is only the third year for the team, which played its first game in 2009, and has enjoyed a respectable level of success. The team, coached by Joey Jones, plays 12 games against NCAA Division 1 schools, and next year will be eligible to compete for the Sunbelt Conference Championship and a bowl game. You can watch their home games at Ladd Peebles Stadium. Check out their full schedule here.




If there’s a different game you had in mind, head to one of the local sports bars to watch while enjoying a burger and a frosty beverage. One of the locals’ favorites is Callaghan’s Irish Social Club. Off the beaten path, in a quiet neighborhood downtown, Callaghan’s is known for its burgers and its friendly neighborhood bar atmosphere. Sunday brunch makes it a perfect place for those early Sunday games. Get there early though…the place fills up fast.



Cold beer on the deck at Heroes downtown

Another local favorite is Heroes Sports Bar and Grille. Known for their beer selection, they also offer great appetizers and sandwiches, and lots of TVs to watch lots of different games. Visit the original on Dauphin Street downtown, or try the new location on Hillcrest near the USA campus.



Over in Midtown on Florida street, another Mobile landmark is Butch Cassidy’s, home of the “Soon to be Famous” Butch Burger. The burgers are huge, as are the onion rings, and you can wash them down with a cold pitcher of beer. It’s a great place to spend an afternoon, since a sign on the way in lets you know that good food takes time…but it is well worth the wait.



Whichever place you choose to watch the game, it’s always more fun when you’re watching with friends. So bring one along, or, if they’re all busy, make some new ones wherever you end up. Enjoy it while it lasts…football season is only a few weeks long.




Are you Ready for some Football?

Monday, August 20th, 2012


Wisconsin fans dance to “Jump Around” before fourth quarter


It’s almost that time of year again. In less than two weeks, we’ll all be getting ready to cheer on our favorite team in their first game of the 2012 football season. If you have a favorite team, and watch them play every week, you probably have a few game day rituals and superstitions you MUST follow for each game. If you don’t, and your team loses, you will forever be certain that it was your fault.




Texas Fan wearing jersey

The most common ritual is wearing the same shirt for every game. If you were wearing it when you won, even once, it stands to reason that you must wear it for every game. Never mind those games that you lost while you were wearing it, that was someone else’s fault for not putting on their lucky socks. Most football fans have a jersey or team shirt that they have to make sure is on before kick off. Some go even further and refuse to wash that shirt for the entire season, but that’s not recommended. Along the same lines are hats and socks. If something is lucky to you, you wear it every game. Don’t let the rest of your fan base down by forgetting to wear your lucky gear.
Food is another tradition. Some people make sure to serve the same meal or snacks, from chicken wings to chilli. Of course, if you’re serious about your football, you might be too nervous to eat. But if you’re planning on partaking in one of football’s other great traditions–beer–eating beforehand is always a good idea.



Clemson football players rub Howard’s Rock before the Clemson – Auburn game.

Of course, some teams and players have their own rituals that they follow, to help to get the fans in a frenzy. Virginia Tech’s team always takes the field to the Metallica song “Enter Sandman”, and Clemson’s players all rub a stone called “Howard’s Rock” before running out to begin the game. In-game rituals by the fans include the Florida State tomahawk chop, Florida’s gator chomp, and Nebraska fans crossing their arms in an X across their chest, in addition to releasing red balloons after the first touchdown. And who around here isn’t familiar with the post-game traditions of rolling

Toomer’s corner after a win in Auburn, or singing “Rammer Jammer” after an Alabama victory?

Rolling the trees at Toomer’s




Whoever your favorite team is, make sure you have all the gear you need, and make sure it’s ready to go for the first game. If you can’t make it to the actual game, have plenty of snacks and beer on hand. Let all your friends and family know that you’ll be busy for 3-4 hours that day, so if they’re crazy enough to call during the game, you won’t be answering. Put on your foam finger and keep the Tums handy. It’s football season!




If your team sucks make sure you look good with beads at the next game

Monday, December 7th, 2009

You should always take pride in your appearance. Looking good is half of the battle when it comes to feeling great. Especially if your are not good at something, looking great is one way to off-set the frustrations you may experience, such as losing a sporting event. If your team sucks, making sure you look good will take a bit of the pressure off of the horrid ability of your team. Even if the team is horrible, looking good can make everyone feel much better. Even the fans can help support the team by looking great at then games. When everyone looks great it gives the impression that everyone feels great and enjoys themselves, so even if your team sucks, you and your friends might as well look great to offset any negative pressure created from losing the game.

There are many ways to look great at a sporting event, and for years, colorful and decorative items that match team colors have been used by fans and coaches alike to make the environment happier and more energetic. Fans and supporters use many items to make themselves look better such as hats, beads, trinkets, gloves, and silly shoes. Items such as beads and necklaces can be easily adorned on the top of any clothes. These beads and trinkets come in all colors and make it easy to find some that match your team’s colors. Beads are a simple way to express your support for your team and looking flashy while doing so. They are cheap and simple to wear. Supporting your team in style is the best way to do it, because even if your team loses, at least you will look and feel great.

Beads show your team support

Monday, September 21st, 2009

This time of year at Toomey’s Mardi Gras there is a surge of phone calls, purchase orders, and internet orders all wanting beads that reflect team colors and this is a sure sign that it is football season once again!

Are you a cowboys fan? This bead is for you!

Are you a cowboys fan? This bead is for you! Click here to find many more team colors.

Everyday Toomey’s Mardi Gras is shipping cases of beads to football fan clubs, grammar schools, high schools, colleges and NFL fans all over the United States….. “Our football beads just take off in sales from early September thru the Super Bowl.”
When you can purchase a strand of beads for just under .04, it is no wonder our beads are so popular with cheer leading squads, booster clubs, and many other people who set up tents outside of stadiums on game day and make a nice profit reselling the beads to fans. We know selling the football beads at games can be very successful because our customers have been shopping with us for years and return every football season.

Whether you are throwing a football party, going to the game, or bringing beads to the stadium to make them available for others to buy you will have a blast with all the choices we make available to you at

At Toomey’s Mardi Gras, we have beads for everyone and every occasion. When shopping at you will find a wide range of choices ranging from the very inexpensive bulk beads, to the very elaborate hand strung beads.